A series of raids by Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) in Lucknow yesterday have revealed how petrol pumps are cheating consumers.

Most consumers only check the display of the fuel dispensing machine for the amount and the quantity of the fuel filled but the raids show that the pumps were using a remote-controlled electronic chip to dupe consumers.

This is how petrol pumps are cheating you:

  • Petrol pumps install a chip inside the fuel dispensing machine, which is designed to reduce the fuel output by nearly five to ten per cent.

  • The chip is attached to a wire, which sets the limit through a remote control. So, if you are buying one-litre of petrol, the machine will release only 940 ml.

  • Such chips cost around Rs 3,000 a piece.

  • The STF suspects that the chips have been sold to a large number of pumps. As per STF estimate, a petrol pump using this chip earns an undue profit of around Rs 14 lakh per month.