SBI’s virtual queuing app can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play and Apple app stores.

SBI or State Bank of India is offering a virtual queue ticket or “e-token” service through its newly-launched app No Queue, which enables customers to avail select banking services at its select branches without having to stand in queues. SBI customers “can book a virtual token…and skip the queue,” India’s largest bank SBI said on Twitter. SBI’s No Queue app was launched by the bank’s chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya in March this year. The mobile-based virtual queuing app can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play and Apple app stores. “The Application is designed to save customers’ valuable time, avoid queue for Banking services and aims to provide the customers with a better customer service experience,” SBI had said in a press release.

A user can select a minimum of one and maximum five services in virtual ticket using No queueapp, as per the SBI website. Here are few other things to know about the No Queue app:


SBI offers a variety of services under the ‘no queue’ facility. Some of these include cheque deposit, cash deposit/withdrawal, demand draft, NEFT/RTGS and loan account opening/maintenance.


The No Queue app empowers those interested in SBI’s banking services to efficiently book a virtual token without being physically present in the branch.

The app provides “real time status notification of your position in the queue”, as per its description on Google Play Store.

Customers can generate an e-token before being physically present in the branch. This way, he or she avoids waiting in a queue and saves time.

The app conveys the estimated waiting time, the number of customers ahead in the queue and the distance to the branch from the point of booking, SBI has said.

Customers will be updated about their position in the queue through alerts, according to the app’s description on Play Store.

Who can book “e-token”?

Individuals - SBI and non-SBI customers - registered on the No Queue app installed on their devices can avail this facility

How to use

A user can register on the No Queue app by entering basic information such as name and mobile number to start using the app.

After a virtual ticket is generated through the No Queue app, the customer will receive a notification about his or her position in the queue. A button that says ‘Activate’ will be available on the app when the customer reaches the fifth position in the queue.

After reaching the branch, a customer activating the queue ticket will be “serviced immediately, thus avoiding waiting time at the Branch”, the press release added.

Can I reschedule my visit?

After booking a virtual ticket, customers also have the facility of rescheduling or renewing the ticket in case they are running late. The rescheduling option will be available only until when the customer is within the first five positions in the queue.