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Aadhaar Will Completely Digitise Air Travel

The government plans to use Aadhaar to ‘completely digitise’ air travel amid a raging debate on privacy concerns regarding the world’s largest biometric ID database. Through verification by Aadhaar, travellers will be able to get a digital boarding pass long before their flight, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said in an interview with BloombergQuint’s Sanjay Pugalia. On reaching the airport, Aadhaar biometrics would allow seamless entry through the security and check-in points, avoiding the need for a hard copy of the boarding pass, Sinha said.

Filing Income Tax Returns? Things To Keep In Mind As Deadline Approaches

The income tax filing website typically has lots of server downtime due to last minute rush so ensure that you do not wait until the last day to file your returns. With the close of the financial year, most individuals have completed their tax planning and tax deduction exercise for the year. This leaves the final step in completing one’s income tax process - filing ITR or income tax return.

your Aadhaar is safe

Amidst concerns regarding Aadhaar data leak, a look at how the unique identification system actually adheres to the principles of privacy Privacy and data protection concerns have become serious in a digital world due to ease of search and aggregation, with or without Aadhaar. Type any name in Google and it will throw up thousands of results, giving data/information publicly available. Hence, the responsibility falls on organisations which collect data from individuals to protect it.

Rs 1 Lakh Investment Turned Into Rs 1 Crore In 21 Years. Here's How

Reliance Growth Fund, a mid-cap oriented fund, is primarily invested in financial, information technology, industrials and healthcare companies. Reliance Capital Asset Management’s open-ended equity growth scheme, Reliance Growth Fund, has achieved a net asset value (NAV) of Rs 1,000. This is the first fund in the industry to achieve this NAV level. The fund was launched 21 years ago in October 1995. “It gives us immense satisfaction that Rs 1 lakh invested in our fund is valued at Rs 1 crore today, an endorsement of our belief that MFs are best investment option for long term value creation,” Reliance Mutual Fund CEO Sundeep Sikka said.

Rs3,050 crore penalty was levied on Airtel, Vodafone andIdea

Sectoral regulator Trai will “this month” send to the Telecom Ministry its clarification on Rs 3,050 crore penalty it had sought from Airtel, Vodafone and Idea for denying call connectivity to newcomer Reliance Jio. “No, we have not written to them (Department of Telecom) yet. But we will be writing soon… We will be responding certainly this month. It will happen very quickly,” Trai Chairman RS Sharma told PTI. He did not give further details.

SBI Offers Education Loan At 8.5% Interest Rate. Details Here

SBI currently offers 100 per cent financing on education loans up to Rs 30 lakh with a repayment period of up to 15 years. State Bank of India or SBI is offering an interest rate of 8.5 per cent on education loans for studying in select business schools. As part of SBI’s “Scholar Loan” scheme, select leading institutions where Indian students can get the concessional rate of interest include Indian Institute of Management (IIM)-Ahmedabad, IIM-Calcutta and Indian School of Business-Hyderabad or ISB-Hyderabad.

SBI Reduces Term Deposit Rates By Up To 0.5%

SBI said the rates have been revised for medium and long term deposits and for amount below Rs 1 crore. Country’s largest lender State Bank of India has cut its term deposit rates by up to 50 basis points for various maturities. The rates have been revised for medium and long term deposits and for amount below Rs 1 crore. According to the new structure, for two to less than three years deposits, SBI will offer a rate of 6.

अब मशीन सूंघकर बताएगी आप बीमार है या नहीं!

ऐसी मशीन आपके सामने होगी जो सूंघकर बता देगी कि आप बीमार हैं या नहीं। रिसर्चर्स एक ऐसी मशीन पर काम कर रहे हैं जो आपकी सांस, ब्लड और यूरीन से आपका रोग पहचान लेगी। हम सभी की एक यूनीक स्मेल होती है जो हजारों कार्बनिक यौगिक से मिलकर बनती है। इस महक से हमारी उम्र, जेनटिक, लाइफस्टाइल, होमटाउन और यहां तक की हमारे मेटाबॉलिक प्रोसेस के बारे में भी पता चलता है।

आधार को संजीवनी बूटी की तरह पेश कर रही सरकार

आधार को इनकम टैक्स के पर्मानेंट अकाउंट नंबर (PAN) के साथ जोड़ना जरूरी करने के सरकार के कदम का विरोध कर रहे लोगों ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट से कहा कि सरकार आधार को सभी बुराइयों के लिए संजीवनी बूटी के तौर पर पेश कर रही है। आधार को PAN के साथ जोड़ने के लिए इनकम टैक्स एक्ट में संशोधन को चुनौती देने वाली याचिकाओं की सुनवाई कर रही दो जजों की बेंच से सीनियर ऐडवोकेट अरविंद पी दातार ने कहा, ‘आधार उन हर्बल दवाओं में से एक बन गया है, जो सभी का उपचार कर सकती हैं…आतंकवाद, ब्लैक मनी।’

How To Avail 100% Cashback In Jio's New Offer For JioFi

Reliance Jio is offering up to 100 per cent cash back (10 top-up vouchers worth Rs 201 each) on JioFi device if you buy it with exchange of your old dongle. After “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer, newcomer Reliance Jio has launched new offers to attract dongle, data card and wifi router users. The Mukesh Ambani-owned telecom venture is offering up to 100 per cent cash back (10 top-up vouchers worth Rs 201 each) on JioFi device if you buy it with exchange of your old dongle.