10 things that are banned for you, from opening a bank account to processing of I-T returns

If you thought that filing an income tax return or opening a bank account are the only few things which require Aadhaar cards now, then think again. The fact is Aadhaar has now been made mandatory for so many things, including availing the benefits of various social and government schemes. While for some schemes it has already been made compulsory, for some others it will be made mandatory soon. Here we are taking a look at 10 such things:

119 banks connected with Aadhaar-enabled payment system: Minister

The government on Friday said 119 banks are connected with the Aadhaar-enabled payment system and 33.87 crore transactions have taken place through Aadhaar-enabled payment systems. “There are 111 crore Aadhaar enrolments done so far out of the total population of 125 crore in India. Aadhaar is becoming a powerful instrument to bridge the digital divide,” Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Information Technology, said here. He said ₹36,000 crore has been saved in the last two years due to the linking of Aadhaar with the public distribution system including household LPG supply and MGNREGA.

18 specified financial transactions in which quoting of PAN is mandatory now

Although Aadhaar is gradually gaining more importance than PAN – a ten-digit unique alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department – however, PAN is still important, especially for financial transactions. According to experts, PAN is a way for the Income Tax Department to keep tabs on your financial dealings whereas Aadhaar’s main purpose is to create a centralized database of each citizen residing in India. PAN, in fact, is a very useful tool to estimate the total tax revenue being generated in the country and to be used as an identification document is not its primary job.

5 financial tasks to do when a parent dies

Goodbyes are the hardest when they are final. It’s worse if it involves one of your parents. The heartbreak is probably lesser in intensity only to that of your surviving parent, the spouse who is left grappling with a crippling emotional void at the fag end of life. Yet, it is critical to take a financial reality check and you, as progeny, are the best suited to do it. Taking stock of the finances is an overwhelming task and it’s easy to be stumped by the maze of formalities.

5.27 Lakh Assessees Respond To Income Tax Query On Cash Deposits

Responding to the SMS/email queries under ‘Operation Clean Money’, the assessees have disclosed additional 25,000 bank accounts in which cash was deposited. The I-T Department on Monday said 5.27 lakh assessees, out of 18 lakh who were sent SMS/emails for making suspicious deposits post demonetisation, have submitted their response and warned others of ‘enforcement action’ if they fail to respond by February 15. It further said that 99.5 per cent of the 5.

508 Km In 3 Hours: India's First Bullet Train Project In 10 Points

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe laid the foundation stone for India’s first bullet train project in Ahmedabad on Thursday. The bullet train project touted to revolutionize railways technology in the country. The first line which will connect Ahmedabad to Mumbai can cover the 508 km distance in as little as two hours, the government said. The project will be executed as a joint venture between the Indian Railways and Japanese firm Shinkansen Technology at an estimated cost of Rs.

7 smart tips which can help you save more & become rich

Who doesn’t want to become rich? However, getting wealthy isn’t that easy. It begins with determined consciousness to get wealthy. We all know that to become rich you need to spend less than what you earn. That is because the less you spend, the more you will be able to save. You should save and invest what you have into investments (assets) that appreciate over time. Apart from these, here we are taking a look at a few really easy and ‘anyone can do it’ strategies or DIY tips that can make you a crorepati:

Aadhaar Will Be Soon Mandatory For Booking Train Tickets Online

Aadhaar number has been made mandatory for senior citizens to avail concessions in train tickets from April 1. A three-month trial run for this is going on. The Railways will soon move towards Aadhaar-based online ticketing system to prevent touts from blocking a bulk of tickets, end fraudulent bookings and curb cases of impersonation. Aadhaar number has been made mandatory for senior citizens to avail concessions in train tickets from April 1.

Aadhaar authentication a must for engineering scholarships

The state higher and technical education department has made authentication of Aadhaar number a must for backward engineering students to avail scholarships. The move comes against the backdrop of large-scale scholarship scam across the state. Though decision has been welcomed by city engineering colleges, they feel the authentication process will burden them with extra work. In a gazette notification dated April 13, the department states that every student desirous of availing benefits under the schemes specified in Schedule ‘A’ need to furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar number or undergo authentication process.

Aadhaar cards for kids now made easy by govt

Worried in getting Aadhaar cards for your children? Need not anymore. Head to the common service centre recognised by Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India at 16th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, where it is done exclusively for children below five years from Mondays to Saturdays this month. Speaking to ‘News Today’, H Moorthy of MGM e-Governance Services said, ‘”We are doing Aadhaar card enrollment for newborns to children below five years.